Net worth update: January 2018 (294,927.20€)

My current net worth is €294,927.20 (44.01% of my first goal – €670K). The first month of 2018. Shit, time flies. Even when you’re not having fun… 2017 was a unique year in my life, and 2018 is the turnaround year

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2018Q1 Goals

This year, I plan on reporting on my goals every quarter. I will keep you guys updated regarding not only the goals of each quarter but my accomplishments on each quarter. As I said before, my number one goal this year


Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018 Hi guys, As I’ve been saying, I am very excited about 2018 because I have many goals and I deeply believe I will be able to reach them. This year will probably be the most important year