Net worth update: February 2018 (294,742.08€)

My current net worth is €294,742.08 (43.99% of my first goal – €670K). Didn’t really go down, but going sideways ain’t good either! This has been such a crazy and unique year, that I’ve been finding it hard to update


 Net worth update: January 2018 (294,927.20€)

My current net worth is €294,927.20 (44.01% of my first goal – €670K). The first month of 2018. Shit, time flies. Even when you’re not having fun… 2017 was a unique year in my life, and 2018 is the turnaround year

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2018Q1 Goals

This year, I plan on reporting on my goals every quarter. I will keep you guys updated regarding not only the goals of each quarter but my accomplishments on each quarter. As I said before, my number one goal this year


5 Tricks for Direct Sales Success

Direct sales is a marketing approach that involves selling products directly to consumers, bypassing the middleman. Sales typically occur outside of the retail environment, often in people’s homes or workplaces. You can use direct sales to earn extra income or