The 7 most important things about SEO I’ve learned reading and practicing

seo important things

Warning: big post ahead 🙂

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[Guest Post] Legal Concerns for Authors

My dear dudes,

As you know, I am finishing my book and having gotten in touch with the self-publishing world, I encountered a few problems specific to this topic. It is my pleasure and a great honor to have a guest post by Sara Hawkins, a recognized attorney in this field, on this topic.

legal concerns authors self publishing amazon kdp

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The metrics and signs I use to assess the stock market

metrics to assess the stock market

I was recently asked two things: how do I pick stocks and how do I determine whether the stocks I want to buy (and the stock market as a whole) is over-valuated. It is the latest question I want to cover today. This may help beginners investing in the stock market. I bring you an extensive, yet simple (but profound) article, with metrics to assess the stock market. You simply have to connect when did stock market crash and what were the metrics telling you and you’ll probably find yourself making grounded stock market predictions.

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The best Real Estate investments in Portugal

I am often asked what are the best Real Estate investments in Portugal (and my markets in particular), and how exactly I can reach almost 20% net ROI. This post will give you a good idea of what I do.

The most important question, for me, is buying multi unit properties. In Portugal, there are plenty of them. Let me show you an example:

algarve real estate portugal real estate

(retrieved from Google Maps)

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January 2017 (248036.67€)

My current worth is €248036.67 (37.02% of my first goal – €670K).

income diary report net worth diary

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January 2017 (Online Income: $353.55)

Welcome to my income diary. If you wonder how do websites make money and how to make money with a website, you may find my reports useful.

I will keep my promise of releasing monthly reports on my online income. I decided to do that regardless of how much I make; In 2017, I am projected to made $20k on online income.

online income blogging diary report

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Most important Real Estate lessons

real estate lessons tricks and tips what makes a good realtor

Having invested heavily into Real Estate in the past 2 years, I have learned a few lessons which I would like to share with you. Of course that in this article, I will be talking primarily about real estate in Portugal. Note that the lessons I will be sharing apply to the the Portuguese market only. You may think “Algarve Portugal real estate”, because that is very sexy and trendy, but I will actually be talking about real estate in Portugal as a whole. Note that the markets in Algarve and Lisbon are especially regulated, given that the majority of the leases are short-term leases.

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Interview #1 – Brian from

debt forum blog ira 401k

My dear dudes,

I am starting a series of interviews, where I interview bloggers blogging about Early Retirement, Personal Finances, and related topics.

This time around, I bring you Brian from

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What stops people from having the life they want?

craigslist rental scams blog how to make extra money income reports

What stops you from living the life you want?

You already know the life I want: I want to have no pressure to work for money, and still have my salary paid no matter what so that I live the good life.

Yet, what stops me from pursuing this dream?

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Bloggers: how can you improve your site?

tools for bloggers

My dear readers,

A lot of you ask me how you can increase the number of views, or what I have done to put my blog together, and I usually respond with one answer: value. Value, value, value. Really, if you deliver tons of value, you will get traction eventually. There are a few other things that matter:

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