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If you woke up being 20 years old again…

…what would I do to become a millionaire? This was such a good exercise… maybe I will be hustling to make it happen! OK, I would wake at age 20. I estimate it would take me 5-7 years to reach a … Continue reading

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The story of my health and the reason why I want to retire early

Hey buddies, Today I will talk about a sensitive topic that some of you brought up either on the comments or by contacting me directly. The question that I get a lot is “what is really what you have, health-wise?”. … Continue reading

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2017 – a (special) gap year

My dear dudes, As I told you in a previous post, I will be taking a year off, starting either from January 1st, April 1st or November 1st, 2017. Most likely, it will be from January 1st onwards. Before I am hit … Continue reading

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August 2016 (94666.78€)

I am currently worth €94666.78 (this is 14.13% of my first goal of €670K).

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A new challenge – reading 100 books in 10 months

My dear dudes, I have suggested this before, but I haven’t really made a decision till now. But now, it is time to say that, in 2017, I will be talking one year off. The decision is made and I … Continue reading

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