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November 2016


What will be the next bubble and crash?

We investors are always trying to figure out what and when the next bubble and crash will be. If we guess correctly, we will have an edge, because we’ll be prepared to scoop up a lot of assets at a much lower price.

Although I foresaw a big market crash in the next 2/3 years, I think that the fact that Mr. Trump was elected president of the US will change this quite a bit. I believe that markets will actually start to go up, the American economy will recover and the European economies will simply follow the pattern.

But what will cause the next crash? If you know about economy, you know that crashes are inevitable, because the economy works in cycles. And my gut has been telling me that the current markets are too high to be sustainable.

But what exactly will cause the crash? My answer may be a little bit out of the box. I believe that the next big bubble will be higher education. Let us take a look at the facts. So first, let us recall recent history:



Blog makeover!

Ladies and gentleman,

I’ve been investing a lot of time into this blog, so that your experience here is the best you can possibly get. Yesterday itself, I worked on the blog the whole day. I ordered a new logo for the blog, adjusted the margins so that everything reads well, etc. This is why the blog was offline for a few times in the day.

Also, make sure you visit my net worth page: ; some people asked me repeatedly for a way to back trace my monthly reports easily, so there ya go! Also, the books page also looks much better now.

You can notice these aesthetic changes right away, but I have some news too. I will include an Article section for guests and articles from other sites on the internet, making sure that only the best among the best are selected. Essentially, I want people to be able to follow the latest developments on macro-economics in the world, so that they can take them into account when investing.

Daily life,

Because its all about enjoying the road!

Dear readers,

You guys know that I preach frugality a lot. But I’ve also told you many times that it is all about enjoying the road. Money is not the end goal. Many people would trade money for meaning relationships, health, experiences, etc. If you’re working towards an early retirement, you have to learn how to enjoy the road as well as you meet your expectations and goals, while being frugal.

While this may sound difficult or counter intuitive, I bring you a nice example. I recently flew from Lisbon to Frankfurt in business class, as I was able to upgrade my coach ticket with mile points. I enjoyed the whole thing pretty much, and I would like to share it with you!

In Lisbon, the first / business class lounge is pretty much crazy. High quality espresso and all sorts of sandwiches, fruit, all newspapers and magazines, you name it. There is tons of space too. The chairs are super comfy:

Lisbon first class lounge

Lisbon first class lounge

Stock Market,

Why am I happy that Trump won?

I will also share a somewhat unpopular opinion. Please proceed to read my answer with that in mind.

I am clearly for Trump (especially if the opponent is Hillary). I mean, its not necessarily that I like the person, but I like the policies he intends to apply. The fundamental difference between them, in my view, are the economic policies of each other.

Trump proposes to use what is called trickle down economy policies, lowering taxes aggressively, which will dramatically help the economy. Trump proposed the biggest tax cuts since Reagan’s presidency. Reaganomics, as they went on to be known as, ended the 1980 recession in the US. Trump’s idea is to reduce corporate tax to 15%, to start off.

Hillary, on the other hand, wanted to increase the taxes on the wealthy (and use the extra money to invest in infrastructure, thus stimulating the economy). She emphasized this a lot in the debates, if you followed them. She proposed a 5% increase on whoever earns over $5 million, to start off.