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What will be the next bubble and crash?

We investors are always trying to figure out what and when the next bubble and crash will be. If we guess correctly, we will have an edge, because we’ll be prepared to scoop up a lot of assets at a much … Continue reading

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Blog makeover!

Ladies and gentleman, I’ve been investing a lot of time into this blog, so that your experience here is the best you can possibly get. Yesterday itself, I worked on the blog the whole day. I ordered a new logo for the … Continue reading

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Because its all about enjoying the road!

Dear readers, You guys know that I preach frugality a lot. But I’ve also told you many times that it is all about enjoying the road. Money is not the end goal. Many people would trade money for meaning relationships, … Continue reading

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Why am I happy that Trump won?

I will also share a somewhat unpopular opinion. Please proceed to read my answer with that in mind. I am clearly for Trump (especially if the opponent is Hillary). I mean, its not necessarily that I like the person, but … Continue reading

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October 2016 (118751.66€)

I am currently worth €118751.66 (this is 17.72% of my first goal of €670K).

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