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December 2016 (Online Income: $1091.19)

My dear dudes, As promised, I will start to release reports on my online income. I won’t necessarily release one every month, as I will only release one if I make least $500 that month. As for December 2016, I’ve hit … Continue reading

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2017 is beckoning: my goals for the new year!

My dear dudes, After my reflection on 2016, it is time to clearly and realistically define my goals for 2017. I am working towards 2017 being one of the most productive years of my life. I want to work mostly on … Continue reading

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Reflection on 2016: what went well, what didn’t and what follows!

My dear dudes, Many thanks for sticking around during 2016, subscribing the blog, sending me supporting messages and opportunities to do business together. I am very happy that I revitalized this blog and put our community together. I’ve received a lot from you … Continue reading

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Bloggers: how to improve your content and traffic

I started in March 2016 and this has been a truly amazing journey. I engaged with awesome thinking-alike people, was provided with multiple opportunities and the blog has helped me tremendously in keeping disciplined with my finances, looking for new income … Continue reading

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November 2016 (120866.81€)

I am currently worth €120866.81 (this is 18.04% of my first goal of €670K).

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Review #1 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad Rank: 10/10 Summary : here In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki introduces several simple, yet profound concepts pertaining to personal finances and how to manage them. The book is very digestible and covers a … Continue reading

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Summary #1 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is my summary of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Keep in mind that this is my summary, i.e. it may not be an accurate summary of the book. Introduction Robert Kiyosaki introduces the context, says that his poor dad … Continue reading

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