2017 is beckoning: my goals for the new year!

My dear dudes,

After my reflection on 2016, it is time to clearly and realistically define my goals for 2017.

I am working towards 2017 being one of the most productive years of my life. I want to work mostly on 4 different angles: my finances, my self-development, my health, and of course, my blog. So, without further due, where we go…

goals 2017


my blog goals 2017

  • Post at least 3 times a week. Now that the makeover is done, and I am partnering up with someone to take care of social media, I will have a lot more time to post a lot of valuable, rich posts. I will try to stick to 3 posts a week and not fail!
  • I hope to complete the task of re-reading 100 books, and provide summaries and reviews for all of them. For instance, and because I’ve received messages about the next book, here’s a little disclosure: I will be posting a summary + review of the book “The ten roads to riches” by Ken Fisher till the end of the year.
  • I want to grow the number of subscribers of the blog to 6000 (currently we are at 650), and 25.000 likes on the recently created Facebook page (if you haven’t liked it, please go ahead and do so – it is really a great way to keep updated and talk to me).


  • Find a fully flexible (probably freelancing or consultancy) job, which permits me to live in one of my units and make $25k for the year. As I will be working in Germany till the end of March, this job will only start from April 1st. Given that this is my gap year, I will look for a job that is everything but stressful or takes too much time. I am aiming at working 2 weeks of the month.
  • Rent out all my units (4 of them are currently rented out) and make $20k from that. I expect less than $3k of expenses on all units.
  • Make $40k on my investments and businesses. I’ve been working very hard to shift from my full time job to (semi) passive income streams. I am pretty positive that 2017 will be a big mark in this regard.
  • The ultimate goal is to make $85k, net $50k (a big chunk will go towards paying off my second rental property – as you may remember that I want to pay it off soon to increase net cash flow), have very low living expenses and fully flexible jobs.


  • I want to dominate the Portuguese fiscal code, as I started to believe that I would be better off with an LLC to hold my Real Estate.
  • I want to participate as much on Quora as in the last quarter. In particular, I am aiming to become a 2017 TopWriter, and hit 20m views (3.5m as of Dec 2016) and 20k subscribers (4.4k as of Dec 2016).
  • I want to publish 3 books, but I won’t kick my ass if I can’t publish all of them during 2017. One will certainly be published till mid-2017 as it has been in the works for a long while now. I would like to publish a second one till the end of the year.
  • Not letting other people affect me in a negative way. I’ve been suffering from anxiety caused by other people’s comments or actions, and this is certainly something that I want to achieve as a person.
  • Stop worrying (I do worry too much).
  • Cultivate all my friendships and create at least 10 new great relationships.
  • Learn a lot about renovating homes (and doing it myself). More specifically, I want to learn how to build a foundation from scratch (both with concrete and wood), apply tiles and do plumbing.
  • Maybe get a pet.


health goals 2017

  • I want to re-gain the shape I had in 2011. I was muscular and shredded and used to feel awesome every single day. Sadly, I developed CFS in the last years, but 2017 will definitely be the year in terms of improving and reversing the current situation. I will also write regularly on the status of my health.
  • Do one or two 7-day juice cleanse with organic juicing. I’ve located the producer, and I have everything in place to make it happen.
  • Meditate a minimum of 15 every single day of the year and follow a mostly protein, ultra clean diet.
  • Finally move to my dream home, and live alone. I bought and renovated a home to a fine detail, which I want to live in, from April 2017 onwards. Maybe buying a countryside home (for personal use and short-term rentals).

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15 Responses to 2017 is beckoning: my goals for the new year!

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  2. Tamara says:

    Consider rabbits for pets! All the best on your goals. Learning a lot from your blog. Thank you and have a happy, mostly stress free and successful 2017.

    • fromcentstoretirement says:

      Hey Tamara. I must say I haven’t thought about a rabbit. Do you have a rabbit yourself? 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Hey Ben,

    We are alike in that we are both passionate in learning and personal development. I have a goal for 2017 of reading 75 books!

    Have you read the book, The Unbeatable Mind? It is about mediation, a solid book. Also, The Miracle Morning is an excellent book and tool for success. I have a book review of it on my blog.



    • fromcentstoretirement says:

      Thank you very much for those recommendations indeed. I didn’t know either, but I will definitely check em out! Best, Ben

  4. sachin says:

    You told “Partnering with someone for social media”. D0 you mean that it has been outsourced? If so, can you throw some light on it? I know Content is KING and I want to concentrate on it rather than putting all my energy in Social media ?

  5. Triin says:

    Wow, you are full on! Many big goals for this year. It’s great that your intention and focus is so clear. I will definitely start putting my own list together now too. Discovered your blog half a week ago and i think I will be sticking around for longer. Cheers for the new year!
    Triin from Estonia

  6. Asif Ansari says:

    Hey man, loving the read! Can’t remember how I signed up of your newsletter, but got directed here and looked through your investments. Definitely digging the effort and transparency you put up. Wish you the best with them, and keep the real estate tips coming ma man.

  7. Telyn says:

    Wow, those are some hefty goals! I think this is the first finance blog I’ve stumbled upon of a person that is seeking early retirement due to chronic illness. I’m 28 and also have an illness that makes me a bit wary of what is in store for my financial future. Do you find managing your businesses to be draining on your energy?

    • bendavis says:

      Hi Telyn.

      It can be stressful sometimes, but I live what I do, so it is also rewarding. I also feel better when I do what I like the most.

      All the best to you,

  8. Some great goals there, it’s nice to come across someone else who is having a go at publishing. Good luck with achieving all of these in 2017!


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