April 2016 (€82060.37)

I am currently worth €82060.37 (this is 12.25% of my first goal of €670K).


Financially, April was a nice month as everything went as expected. I grew my checking account, emergency fund and had my P2P lending account is on track to do 10% annually. I also sold my furniture in Germany (for €1000, which was a very good deal). Sadly, I still have 7000 tied up in the deal that I closed recently. Hopefully, this money will released till the end of this month and the mortgage will be granted (I kinda dislike not to have at least 20K liquid).

The rent of RP#1 did already posted on my account, but it is not accounted for above (as it was posted after 04/31/16). Sadly, I won’t be able to capitalize this money every month as I need a minimum of €1000 to either open or reinforce an interesting bearing account. For May, I expect a very good month, and in particular I expect to:

  • Finally close the deal that is currently pre-scheduled, being given the mortgage, thus increasing my rental income and increasing liquidity.
  • Save more money as I have two long business trips (I typically spend much less money while traveling as both the overnight stays and food are covered).
  • Set up another interesting bearing account and file my taxes (as predicted in my calendar).

Health-wise, April was not the best month ever (matter of fact, I am not fine yet), but I think that I will get back on my feet soon as I will be traveling in Italy (which usually charges up my batteries immensely). Stay tuned, I will come back stronger. 🙂

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  1. Res says:

    Congrats on another important part of your milestone!
    If I can step in and give you two tips about Chronic fatigue, consider both your physical food and mental food. Frugality on the food you eat is only short term benefit, eat as healthy as you can. Try paleo for a while.

    Mental food is the “inner game”. You have one part of your brain talking to the other. Take control of this dialogue to keep your energies in check. It is easier said than done. Try Sadhguru on youtube.

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