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The 7 most important things about SEO I’ve learned reading and practicing

Warning: big post ahead 🙂

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[Guest Post] Legal Concerns for Authors

My dear dudes, As you know, I am finishing my book and having gotten in touch with the self-publishing world, I encountered a few problems specific to this topic. It is my pleasure and a great honor to have a … Continue reading

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The metrics and signs I use to assess the stock market

I was recently asked two things: how do I pick stocks and how do I determine whether the stocks I want to buy (and the stock market as a whole) is over-valuated. It is the latest question I want to … Continue reading

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The best Real Estate investments in Portugal

I am often asked what are the best Real Estate investments in Portugal (and my markets in particular), and how exactly I can reach almost 20% net ROI. This post will give you a good idea of what I do. … Continue reading

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January 2017 (248036.67€)

My current worth is €248036.67 (37.02% of my first goal – €670K).

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January 2017 (Online Income: $353.55)

Welcome to my income diary. If you wonder how do websites make money and how to make money with a website, you may find my reports useful. I will keep my promise of releasing monthly reports on my online income. I decided … Continue reading

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Most important Real Estate lessons

Having invested heavily into Real Estate in the past 2 years, I have learned a few lessons which I would like to share with you. Of course that in this article, I will be talking primarily about real estate in Portugal. Note … Continue reading

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Interview #1 – Brian from

My dear dudes, I am starting a series of interviews, where I interview bloggers blogging about Early Retirement, Personal Finances, and related topics. This time around, I bring you Brian from

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What stops people from having the life they want?

What stops you from living the life you want? You already know the life I want: I want to have no pressure to work for money, and still have my salary paid no matter what so that I live the … Continue reading

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Bloggers: how can you improve your site?

My dear readers, A lot of you ask me how you can increase the number of views, or what I have done to put my blog together, and I usually respond with one answer: value. Value, value, value. Really, if … Continue reading

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