Doing a PhD vs being wealthy: the economics behind a PhD

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Many people have been asking me how I can capitalize on the fact that I have a PhD. Many think it’s easy because it has been conveyed the message that if you have a PhD, then a well-paying job will be served to you on a golden tray. How large the paycheck will be is simply determined by field you picked, some say. You’ll make so much money you can’t even spend it at the same rate! Well… that is not my experience. Before you proceed, let me tell you that you should read this book (Affiliate link) regardless you are considering doing a PhD, you are doing or you did one.

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Why is it awesome to live and retire in Portugal: a comprehensive guide

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My dear dudes,

As you know, I am canceling my contract in Germany in May to move to Portugal for good. There is a ton of reasons to do that, and I’d like to share them with you. In fact, I wanted to do this a long time ago, but a combination of expensive renovation costs for RP#3 and the fear of living without a salary for a while made me put my decision off for a few months. Not it’s settled! I am canceling my contract and moving to Portugal for good.


February 2017 (Online Income: $109.69)

Welcome to my income diary. If you wonder how do websites make money and how to make money with a website, you may find my reports useful.

I will keep my promise of releasing monthly reports on my online income. In 2017, I am currently projected to make $15k on online income.

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