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Crazy SEO experiment Part I: improving my SEO through high quality backlinks

crazy seo experiment backlink

Do you want to see a crazy SEO experiment with simple SEO free tools (if you have no idea what SEO is, check out this page)? Check this article out…

Although I have successfully improved many metrics of my site, the current “popularity” of my site among search engines is pretty much ridiculous, especially if we consider that I want to hit 100-150k views per month until the end of this year. The most important metrics for sites are 1) domain authority, 2) page authority and 3) Alexa rank. So let us proceed with those in mind.


5 investment options for 2017

investment options 2017

My dear dudes,

I receive a lot of messages asking for investment tips. “I make 50k, have two children and 30k debt. How and where can I invest, in 2017?”

The best investment options for you are based on your availability, personality, personal situation and a few other factors. This post will provide you with a generic list of investment possibilities, which I think will be particularly prominent in 2017. You will have to filter them out and consider whether they would be good for you. I always advise consulting a licensed advisor.

Here are some of best investment options for 2017…


[Guest Post] Legal Concerns for Authors

My dear dudes,

As you know, I am finishing my book and having gotten in touch with the self-publishing world, I encountered a few problems specific to this topic. It is my pleasure and a great honor to have a guest post by Sara F. Hawkins, a recognized attorney in this field, on this topic.

legal concerns authors self publishing amazon kdp

Stock Market,

The metrics and signs I use to assess the stock market

metrics to assess the stock market

I was recently asked two things: how do I pick stocks and how do I determine whether the stocks I want to buy (and the stock market as a whole) is over-valuated. It is the latest question I want to cover today. This may help beginners investing in the stock market. I bring you an extensive, yet simple (but profound) article, with metrics to assess the stock market. You simply have to connect when did stock market crash and what were the metrics telling you and you’ll probably find yourself making grounded stock market predictions.

Real Estate,

The best Real Estate investments in Portugal

I am often asked what are the best Real Estate investments in Portugal (and my markets in particular), and how exactly I can reach almost 20% net ROI. This post will give you a good idea of what I do.

The most important question, for me, is buying multi unit properties. In Portugal, there are plenty of them. Let me show you an example:

algarve real estate portugal real estate

(retrieved from Google Maps)