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What stops people from having the life they want?

What stops you from living the life you want? You already know the life I want: I want to have no pressure to work for money, and still have my salary paid no matter what so that I live the … Continue reading

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A big mistake: the danger of underestimating…

Holding a PhD on Applied Mathematics, being type A personality and a little OCD, I typically estimate things very accurately and thoroughly (sometimes too much!). Turns out that I messed up big this time. I am very proud of RP#3 … Continue reading

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2017 is beckoning: my goals for the new year!

My dear dudes, After my reflection on 2016, it is time to clearly and realistically define my goals for 2017. I am working towards 2017 being one of the most productive years of my life. I want to work mostly on … Continue reading

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Because its all about enjoying the road!

Dear readers, You guys know that I preach frugality a lot. But I’ve also told you many times that it is all about enjoying the road. Money is not the end goal. Many people would trade money for meaning relationships, … Continue reading

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