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Pilling up and the schedule of the blog from now on

(piling up books to deliver reviews!)

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A big mistake: the danger of underestimating…

Holding a PhD on Applied Mathematics, being type A personality and a little OCD, I typically estimate things very accurately and thoroughly (sometimes too much!). Turns out that I messed up big this time. I am very proud of RP#3 … Continue reading

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2017 is beckoning: my goals for the new year!

My dear dudes, After my reflection on 2016, it is time to clearly and realistically define my goals for 2017. I am working towards 2017 being one of the most productive years of my life. I want to work mostly on … Continue reading

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Reflection on 2016: what went well, what didn’t and what follows!

My dear dudes, Many thanks for sticking around during 2016, subscribing the blog, sending me supporting messages and opportunities to do business together. I am very happy that I revitalized this blog and put our community together. I’ve received a lot from you … Continue reading

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What will be the next bubble and crash?

We investors are always trying to figure out what and when the next bubble and crash will be. If we guess correctly, we will have an edge, because we’ll be prepared to scoop up a lot of assets at a much … Continue reading

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If you woke up being 20 years old again…

…what would I do to become a millionaire? This was such a good exercise… maybe I will be hustling to make it happen! OK, I would wake at age 20. I estimate it would take me 5-7 years to reach a … Continue reading

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