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The Simple Life Can Also Be Entertaining

The Simple Life Can Also Be Entertaining

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My goal is simple: Increase my net worth enough so that I can retire by the ripe, old age of 33. Most of my energy goes into researching areas that would give me the highest possible cash-on-cash yields and monitor my livestock portfolio. But that doesn’t mean I can’t metaphorically let my hair down and have fun. I still want to reach my goal, and luckily, I’ve found ways to have frugal fun that are compatible with my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

One thing that keeps me going is heading to the gym for gentle exercise. It may seem contradictory to give up work due to CFS, then hitting the gym, but let’s not forget that a gentle workout recharges you, and that is what I need. I researched gym memberships meticulously and found the best one for me. There were so many packages to choose from, but the key is making sure that what you’re paying for includes everything you want and only what you want so that you’re not paying for extra classes. This goes down as a necessary expense.

As does a decent streaming service for TV series and films. Here in Germany, public broadcasting is decent enough, but one of my comforts is English-language programs. For the most basic package on Netflix, I get my fix without spending money on something that provides evening entertainment without taking a huge chunk out of my budget.

I ventured into the world of online poker as well. Since we’re always hearing about how people win huge amounts of money while playing poker, I thought to myself, why don’t I try it out. Even walking away with a relatively small amount could increase my net worth substantially. So, I started to dedicate my time to researching the odds of winning at both poker and the other online games that most platforms have on offer. My objective reasoning led me to the conclusion that the likelihood of me getting a sizeable payout was slim to none, but that doesn’t stop me taking advantage of the free play features that the platforms have. It’s the essence of frugality: don’t spend when you don’t have to and make sure you still have a life.

Also for free, if you have the patience, are hit games like Candy Crush. I’m up on level 1032 and that’s with never having paid out a dime. And though the game seems desperate to keep me around, I keep being “gifted” three hours worth of lives with the hope, I assume, of getting me so hooked that I can’t live without it. Fat chance! Still, it’s a pleasant enough way to pass the time.

A major expense for many Millennials is food and drink. Avocado toast springs to mind. But fancy food, eating out and takeaways are not things that I want to waste my money on. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice meal out to celebrate something every now and then. It’s just that you’re not going to find me grabbing a coffee on the way to my next destination, though. Yes, I think that two euros for a coffee is an unreasonable expense when I have a perfectly good coffeemaker in my kitchen. And I will always try to find the energy to cook something from scratch, even when I don’t have so much energy. It would, of course, be so much easier to order in, and then I look at the cost: cooking a meal will cost me around two or three euros, maximum. And don’t forget to include the 12 euros for delivery. That adds up to far too much for me to allow this to enter my budget! Limiting takeout keeps me on track for my goal.

I don’t think I have a boring life. Far from it. I feel very satisfied. I’ve just prioritized my financial goal, and I have every intention of making it happen. To me, it’s all very simple: wasting money on unnecessary luxuries will just get in the way.