March 2016 (€79429.64)

I am currently worth €79429.64 (this is 11.86% of my first goal of €670K).


What a bad month! I had to pay for a bunch of things pertaining to the renovation of Rental Property #1, plus some expenses with the blog and a couple others. A few bills were left unpaid (some of which I didn’t know of), which summed up to about €1000. At my current level, this ain’t peanuts!

I moved some more money to the interest account and finally bought bonds (at about 3%). Remember, these bonds will be my emergency fund (I plan to move up to €8K to bonds till the end of 2016). In May, I will buy at least an additional €1K worth of bonds.

My P2P account was loaded with €750, and I expect to have about €10K in P2P platforms till the end of 2016. I am currently earning about 11% interest on my investments, which means that I will generate about €1K gross this year, if I load the account relatively soon.

I also received the €275 deposit from RP#1, which I moved to an interest bearing account. In Portugal I don’t have to pay the interest to the tenants when they move out. I expect to load this account every month, with the rents I will be earning from the property.

Here is my (currently very bad) asset distribution:


I will be keeping my expenses low, living frugally, and investing wisely. The next months will bring substantial differences, as I have many things in the works. I think I will meet my goal for 2016, i.e. a total net worth of €115K. Matter of fact, depending on the deals I can close in April, I may actually surpass that mark. 🙂

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