May (€82794.83)

I am currently worth €82794.83 (this is 12.36% of my first goal of €670K).


Almost a thousand bucks richer! (although I’ve overestimated April by the same amount…)

This month went relatively OK as far as money is concerned, even though a lot of money was moved around, as you can see. I took some money of my interest bearing account and my checking account, because I bought another home! (details will be explained in the next post) I had to transfer €5000 to the previous owner, so that I could “lock” the deal. The same happened with RP#2, if you remember (although it was 7k).

Now, regarding the non-financial stuff, the month hasn’t ran as I initially predicted.

First, I haven’t officially transferred RP#2 into my name yet, as the bank messed up with the process and delayed the whole thing. As a result, I will only transfer the asset to my name by the end of this month (which means that the first rent I will collect will be July’s). I ended up locking a 4,55% 30-year mortgage, which I will actually pay down in the next 9-19 years (I will explain why later).

Second, I haven’t created a new interest bearing account for a down-payment in 2020, as I expected to do. The reason being that buying RP#2 left me 3k poorer (closing and operational costs summed up to 8% of the deal) and I need to preserve liquidity. Plus, the same will happen for RP#3, which is already in the works as I mentioned above. Based on this, I reformed the Goal section.

Third, I am still struggling with health problems. I will get better soon, though!

At least taxes were filed. I hope I am payed by the end of this month.

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