My stock portfolio

My stock portfolio is live through Google Docs. Quotes may be delayed up to 20 minutes.

If you want a similar spreadsheet for you, or to know how I select the stocks I invest in, reach me out at fromcentstoretirement [at] gmail [dot] com.

IRA and 401k

I don’t have an IRA or 401k (or even any other non-taxable accounts). The main reason why I don’t have them is because they don’t exist in Portugal, where I live. Retirement plans in Portugal can’t be withdrawn before you are 65, and contributions are not matched by your employer.

I currently don’t trade stocks, although I have traded with excellent results in the past. I stopped trading because of lack of time. Right now, my time is spent on my job, on this blog, and on my real estate business.

My stocks and my stock portfolio

All of my stocks are dividend stocks. My stock portfolio consists of stocks I plan to hold in the long term. I also plan to buy more shares whenever they are at a fair price and I have available capital.

As of January 2017, I don’t think it is an ideal time to enter the market (even in my case, as I plan to hold stocks for the long haul). Therefore I am holding only a very small number of shares. My stock portfolio will be updated as I buy stocks, and the spreadsheet above will always be updated. As you can also see, my stocks are limited to the Portugal

How to build a stock portfolio

If you want to build a stock portfolio of your own, I recommend the book “The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio“. To see more books about investing and the stock market, see this list of books and their summaries and reviews: here. I monitor my stocks quickly and the performance of my portfolio through a self-written stock portfolio app. This tells me whether I have a well-built stock portfolio because I can quickly adapt if performance is not the best.

Currently, I only have Portuguese stocks, due to a variety of reasons. First, I know the Portuguese stock market very well. Second, it is very efficient in terms of taxes (as opposed to US stocks). As for US stocks, I prefer to buy ETFs. However, in Portugal, where I live, you cannot defer gains to the future, and as I follow a free cash flow model, I prefer dividend-paying ETFs, which generates a problem: I am paying way too much in taxes when I hold them. As I think that the stock market is a bull market for a long time now, I am refraining from buying stocks at the moment.

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