November 2016 (120866.81€)

I am currently worth €120866.81 (this is 18.04% of my first goal of €670K).

monthly update income net worth november

Given that I’ve hit €30k in interest-bearing accounts, I will invest my monthly savings into P2P loans and the stock market.

I have finally started to drop some cash on RP#3, which I closed last month. I haven’t started to renovate the property, but I already bought the appliances, for which I spent over €3000. As we’re talking about brand new appliances with 2-year warranty, I decided to consider its value in the property value.


I went online and posted the units as they are, so I start to build some user database. They attracted far less attention than I anticipated. However, they are not renewed and this market is very seasonal – it gains considerably more traction around May, due to new students in the city. At least, the other properties are cash flowing well!

Next month

  • I may continue to negotiate another 5-unit building.
  • I will finally pre-pay (total of €3000) a part of the mortgage on RP#2.
  • I will really try to generate €500 of online income.
  • I will try harder to rent out 3 units of the new building (this will include some renovation works, which I hope to finish by the third week of the month).
  • I will continue to invest into renovation works and furniture for the new units (of RP#3).


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2 Responses to November 2016 (120866.81€)

  1. Daniel Dias says:

    Hi Ben,

    Congratulations for the blog and the all project you’ve planned.
    About the p2p loans, I’m also starting to invest in those, in wich platform are you investing and how safe do you think it is? I’m a little unsure if I should allocate some of my savings in those instead of mutual funds.

    Good 2017 and good luck

    • fromcentstoretirement says:

      Hey Daniel,

      I am using Twino and I like it. Additionally, I lend some money to private companies, but I guess you can’t replicate that…


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