Legal issues of self-publishing a book (e.g. on Amazon KDP)

legal issues self published author amazon kdp

My dear readers,

That is right – I am working on a book! I want to have it ready by the end of the month and hopefully, it will the start of the list Books. At this point, I have no idea when I will actually publish it because I am stuck with some legal issues. I had my Italian lawyer going through the first draft and at the end of it, I was more confused with what he told me than before.

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Review #2 – The ten roads to riches, by Ken Fisher

ten roads to riches ken fisher

Book: The Ten Roads to Riches (Affiliate link)
Rank: 10/10
Summary : here

Review (7/10)

I found the book The Ten Roads to Riches (Affiliate link) very digestive – written in very simple terms with a few jokes here and there – and with very attractive features; For one, the preface opens the mind of the reader for the rest of book and explains questions that arise immediately when we read the title (why ten roads – not more – and what are they?). Second, it is modular – each chapter pertains to a given road and you can skip it if you’re not interested in that particular road. Third, I like how Ken Fisher structures and categorizes concepts and ideas, as I often do that myself. An example of this is that Fisher picks up examples and frames them into specific chapters (aka roads). All the sub sections make sense to me. Things are structured well. Plus, many things are backed up with references, clearly my style too.

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Summary #2 – The Ten Roads to Riches, by Ken Fisher

This is my summary of the book The Ten Roads to Riches (Affiliate link). Keep in mind that this is my summary, i.e. it may not be an accurate summary of the book.


The book starts off with a very concise Preface, which hashes out the contents of the book. Ken Fisher argues that getting rich is not wrong, and there are ten and only roads one can follow to become rich. Fisher says defends the existence of 10 roads based on his experience, given his 36-years old career, studying wealthy people; essentially, every wealthy individual fits into one of these roads (or a combination of them). Fisher also distinguishes his book from the books that explain the road “live frugal and save”, which is in fact covered in his book (Chapter 10). The Preface also enumerates all the roads upfront, advises for some parts looking offensive and puts the concept of richness under perspective.

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Real Estate in Portugal: a peculiar type of Real Estate

real estate portugal

My dear dudes,

If you subscribed to this blog, you have received awesome photos of the renovation of RP#3. Today, I want to expand more on the topic of real estate. Many of you ask me how can I buy Real Estate so cheap and yet have high appraisals.

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Real Estate: Are you leveraging right?

leverage leveraging real estate bank OPM interest rates

Hey guys,

The concept of leveraging is very well known among investors; We prefer to use Other People’s Money (OPM) rather than our own money. The idea is simple: we can use our money to make more money and we use OPM to make more money too; the gains on our own money must be higher than the interest we pay on OPM.

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Pilling up and the schedule of the blog from now on

investment books money learn teach

(piling up books to deliver reviews!)

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A big mistake: the danger of underestimating…

danger underestimating mistake money miscalculation misestimate

Holding a PhD on Applied Mathematics, being type A personality and a little OCD, I typically estimate things very accurately and thoroughly (sometimes too much!). Turns out that I messed up big this time.

I am very proud of RP#3 – it will generate a 50% Cash on Cash return and I will add 6 units to my portfolio. This would not be very surprising if we weren’t talking about a <50k property…

When I bought it, I knew right away that I would have to spend serious dollars towards renovating it. However, I did underestimate what I was going to spend…

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Two-Step Verification – get yourself some extra security!

security two step verification

Recently, my laptop got hacked! As I use my laptop to access my bank accounts, online brokers and what not from it, I freaked out. After the adrenaline rush, I started to think of ways to get myself some extra security.

Bank accounts are naturally protected – people cannot really transfer money from their accounts without having another key (other than the password on the online platform) or confirming a code provided via SMS. This is called “two-step verification”. The principle is simple: in order to access one of your accounts, you must use something you know (such as your password) and something you have (such as your cell).

Other accounts (e.g. email) only rely on a single password (…that many people often re–use among all their accounts).

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December 2016 (246451.22€)

I am currently worth €246451.22 (this is 36.78% of my first goal of €670K).

december income monthly report retirement

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December 2016 (Online Income: $1091.19)

My dear dudes,

As promised, I will start to release reports on my online income. I won’t necessarily release one every month, as I will only release one if I make least $500 that month. As for December 2016, I’ve hit $1000, so it is actually ideal to start my reports on online income. I am projecting to do $20k on online income alone, during 2017. I think that online income may become a cornerstone of my Early Retirement!

online income side hustle money affiliate amazon online income monthly report

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