March 2017 (Online Income: $208.58)

Welcome to my income diary. If you wonder how do websites make money and how to make money with a website, you may find my reports useful. I release reports on my online income every month. In 2017, I am projected


March 2017 (247344.39€)

My current worth is €247344.39 (36.92% of my first goal – €670K). And after 12 months of steady increases in my net worth, another (minor) decrease this month. And guess what, April will probably suffer even more. Why another net worth decrease?


The role of geographic arbitrage in early retirement

 Geographic arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of different prices in different markets. This could be applied to tax, dividend, rent, living costs, etc. I am taking geographic arbitrage to a whole new level in my journey to early retirement:

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