September 2016 (101591.13€)

I am currently worth €101591.13 (this is 15.16% of my first goal of €670K).

Net worth monthly difference

Another very good month, but the biggest contributor to this difference was a €5000 worth gift from my family. Other than that, this was a very normal month.

In the last week I was also able to close a deal on selling my car, but the deal hasn’t go through yet. I am afraid the car won’t be worth more than €2300, which is much less than the €3000 I expected to get. I know I could at the very least sell it for 3k, but I would have to continue to look for a buyer, which may imply costs with the car in the meantime, and at this point, I simply want to get rid of it. One problem less.

Next month

I will experience a vacancy in RP#2, as the tenants decided to cancel the leasing contract, due to “unpredictable changes”. Either way, I want to go through the property and make small improvements and fix a few things, to make sure the next tenants stay for long without complains. I will also pre-pay a part of the mortgage (the third unit is used to pre-pay the mortgage) in €500.

Till the end of October I hope to finally close RP#3 and transfer it onto my name. I will start the renovation almost right away. Boy, I am so excited to watch this! I said before, I will keep a unit (out of 6) for myself. In the last 4 years, I’ve been moving quite often within Germany. I stayed at homes that were not mine and I had no connection to. My other homes are Rental Properties and I will most likely never live there, so having a unit which I will call home is exciting. 🙂

I am also putting together a platform for online income. In the next 3 months I will report all about this. I expect to start generating at least €1000 a month.


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