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Came here after my online income? Willing to start doing some money online? This is the right spot! This page will guide you through the process of setting your own site/blog!

You will be able to easily set up your own site/blog in a matter of minutes. I was asked many times how I created my blog From cents to retirement, and so I decided to go ahead and create this tutorial to set up a blog.

I started blogging 2 years ago (in the meantime I transitioned to From cents to retirement) and I didn’t know much about it… However, in less than 1 year I start making $1000/month. Enough about my own blog. Let us create yours!


Find a name for your blog, and a domain name. By the time you start creating your own blog and hosting it, you should have this figured out. You can check whether a domain is taken on GoDaddy. BustAName can help you to come up with a name if you run out of ideas. I personally recommend buying the domain on Blue Host, as you will see below. Perfect, now you know what you want to call your blog, let’s proceed.


Having your name figured out, go to Blue Host and click on “get started now”.  I recommend Blue Host as they have a super reliable service and the best rates and customer service. The integration with WordPress is also very easy and to top it off, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

start blog set up blog create website


Choose the right package for you. I chose the “starter” package and I haven’t felt limited by no means, to this day. The cool thing is that Blue Host will let you upgrate to a larger package, should you need increased storage.

create set up website money set up blog create blog


Enter your domain name in the box below and proceed – Blue Host will register it for you.

create website money set up start blog create blog