Welcome to my blog, which was created to share my journey towards early retirement.

Do you want to work 9-5 until you are 65? Panic every time an unforeseeable expense crops up? Forgo the good things in life, such as the time you spend with your family so that you have a successful career?

I don’t. Welcome to my blog, which is, in fact, a cash flow blog, which presents monthly blog income reports, cash flow from my investments including Real Estate investments (turn key rental and active investments), my net worth, blogging and SEO tips, and a heck of a lot more. If your intention is to quit your day job and have more time to enjoy life, doing the things you love, this is the right spot for you… early retirement is the key and that is what I am working on! Note that I didn’t say “this is what I am trying to do”. Fear is the number one enemy of success. Success is a combination of confidence, motivation, discipline, commitment, and strong habits. Success is being able to stand up one more time than those you fell.

I am 27 and I want to retire between 33 and 36 (the goal now being 34). I decided to retire in Portugal (I am half Portuguese). If you wonder why Portugal… just look at the header of the blog. 🙂 My goal is to create passive income (through real estate, dividend stocks, and other investments) to live off of that. The advantage of having chosen Portugal to retire is that I only need €1500 a month (probably 90% of the Portuguese population lives on less than that) to have a wonderful life. Rents in Portugal are low, but real estate is considerably cheaper than other European countries and the US. This allowed me to start buying real estate (and working toward my goal) earlier.

I intend to have other sources of passive income other than real estate. In addition to real estate, I intend to have passive income from dividend stocks, bonds, farming investment, P2P loans and online income. I hope that you can grow wiser learning from me and my blog (read the disclaimer at the end of this page).

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Disclaimer: Everything you read on this blog is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace professional financial advice. I am not a qualified professional in finance or investing, and this site and author are not responsible for anything that may occur (such as losses or traumas) in your own investing. Please seek professional help if you fell you need it.