My stock portfolio

My stock portfolio is live through Google Docs. Quotes may be delayed up to 20 minutes.

If you want a similar spreadsheet for you, or to know how I select the stocks I invest in, reach me out at

IRA and 401k

I don’t have an IRA or 401k, so I rely on my stock portfolio (all of my stocks are dividend stocks) as the only stock-element as part of my retirement planning. I don’t do regular stock trading although I have traded small amounts with excellent results in the past.

How to build a stock portfolio

In order to know how to build a stock portfolio, I refer you to the literature here. I monitor my stocks quickly and the performance of my portfolio through a self-written stock portfolio app. This tells me whether I have a well-built stock portfolio, because I can quickly adapt if performance is not the best.

Currently, I only have Portuguese stocks, due to a variety of reasons. First, I know the Portuguese stock market very well. Second, it is very efficient in terms of taxes (as opposed to US stocks). As for US stocks, I prefer to buy ETFs. However, in Portugal you cannot defer gains to the future, and as I follow a free cash flow model, I prefer dividend-paying ETFs, which generates a problem: I am paying way too much in taxes when I hold them. As I think that the stock market is a bull market for a long time now, I am refraining from buying stocks at the moment.