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rich dad poor dad summary review

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rank: 10/10
Summary : here

In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki introduces several simple, yet profound concepts pertaining to personal finances and how to manage them. The book is very digestible and covers a lot of aspects of personal finances for its relatively short size. It took me about 5 days to read the book, part-time. The book is great at showing the difference between the rich and the poor, even though it doesn’t describe a profile for the poor and the rich. Using its own experience, Robert Kiyosaki explains the advice he got from his dad and his friend’s dad (called rich dad in the book), and how it went on to influence his life.
The chapters are very well balanced and present a crucial idea, each of which was introduced by the rich dad.

These ideas are: 1) be financially educated, presenting mistakes that people commonly fall into, when they are not financially educated, 2) the importance of having a business apart from a regular job, and how that is crucial in the process of building wealth, 3) examples how deep value deals can be arranged and how the rich reach them, 4) how money can work for people rather than people working for money and 5) what obstacles there are to build wealth. Overall, I relate to Robert Kiyosaki’s story and second most of his claims.
I personally recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn fundamental aspects of personal finances and managing finances in general, as well as people who want to know what to do to start building wealth.

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    Great summary. Keep giving the information

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