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Crazy SEO experiment Part I: improving my SEO through high quality backlinks

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Do you want to see a crazy SEO experiment with simple SEO free tools (if you have no idea what SEO is, check out this page)? Check this article out…

Although I have successfully improved many metrics of my site, the current “popularity” of my site among search engines is pretty much ridiculous, especially if we consider that I want to hit 100-150k views per month until the end of this year. The most important metrics for sites are 1) domain authority, 2) page authority and 3) Alexa rank. So let us proceed with those in mind.


Bloggers: how can you improve your site?

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My dear readers,

A lot of you ask me how you can increase the number of views, or what I have done to put my blog together, and I usually respond with one answer: value. Value, value, value. Really, if you deliver tons of value, you will get traction eventually. There are a few other things that matter:


December 2016 (Online Income: $1091.19)

My dear dudes,

As promised, I will start to release reports on my online income. I won’t necessarily release one every month, as I will only release one if I make least $500 that month. As for December 2016, I’ve hit $1000, so it is actually ideal to start my reports on online income. I am projecting to do $20k on online income alone, during 2017. I think that online income may become a cornerstone of my Early Retirement!

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Reflection on 2016: what went well, what didn’t and what follows!

My dear dudes,

Many thanks for sticking around during 2016, subscribing the blog, sending me supporting messages and opportunities to do business together. I am very happy that I revitalized this blog and put our community together. I’ve received a lot from you guys, and 2017 will be an explosive year. First, I hope that our recently created Facebook page continues to grow, as I think it is a great way to deliver news first-hand. Second, I will add a lot of summaries and reviews on the Books page (probably in chunks of 2/3). Third, I will finally publish my own book and exclusive articles on how to do some extra income, online. This post aims to do a reflection of 2016.

My achievements and goals for 2016, net worth, real estate, investments

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Bloggers: how to improve your content and traffic

I started in March 2016 and this has been a truly amazing journey. I engaged with awesome thinking-alike people, was provided with multiple opportunities and the blog has helped me tremendously in keeping disciplined with my finances, looking for new income opportunities and keep updated regarding the world markets.

This page will teach you the most important stuff I’ve learned after blogging as a pro (despite I haven’t made that much money with the blog…) for 9 months. This is BS-free, direct information you can apply right away. Here we go:

Rule #1: You have views when you create value for viewers

I personally think that the best way to create a business today is by providing high value to people. Give them what they want. Yet, many businesses are still focused on spamming people, squeezing costs and improving margins, in the hopes that they sell a lot. Honestly, sounds wrong to me; I’d rather focus on delivering what people want and make them happy, creating recurrent costumers that will stick with the brand for years.

The vast majority of blogs out there are not businesses. Take my own example: even though I try to monetize my blog, I don’t really blog for money. I blog to keep myself motivated, to engage with people, to improve myself and to have people reading what I write and extracting value from it. I am a true believer of karma. Give so you can receive. That is why I intend to assemble one of the biggest online collection of summaries and reviews of books on personal finances (see it here, if you haven’t yet).


Blog makeover!

Ladies and gentleman,

I’ve been investing a lot of time into this blog, so that your experience here is the best you can possibly get. Yesterday itself, I worked on the blog the whole day. I ordered a new logo for the blog, adjusted the margins so that everything reads well, etc. This is why the blog was offline for a few times in the day.

Also, make sure you visit my net worth page: ; some people asked me repeatedly for a way to back trace my monthly reports easily, so there ya go! Also, the books page also looks much better now.

You can notice these aesthetic changes right away, but I have some news too. I will include an Article section for guests and articles from other sites on the internet, making sure that only the best among the best are selected. Essentially, I want people to be able to follow the latest developments on macro-economics in the world, so that they can take them into account when investing.